Two New Books from Paul W Chilcote

Fill My Heart with Love

30 Days of Prayer with Methodist Women

Do you long to draw closer to God in prayer and song? Imagine what a 30-day conversation with devout followers of Jesus might mean for your own journey.

Featuring the spiritual writings of Methodist women and hymns written by women of many Christian traditions, this devotional resource will open your life to deeper connection with God. These creative women invite you through prayer and song to consider what it would mean for God to fill your heart with love.

Each of the thirty readings includes a scriptural text, a prayer, and a hymn selection from The United Methodist Hymnal, covering a full spectrum of spiritual themes. Recommendations for the use of the book are also included, both for individuals and small groups.

Immerse yourself for a month in the wisdom of these women, open your heart to the indwelling of God’s grace and love, and see what the Spirit births in your lives.

Reviewers say:

Paul Chilcote has given us grace gifts in his book that connects the saints to our spiritual formation today. This book is a well that offers us living water through the prayers of early Methodist women. Drink deeply.  Steve Harper, Northwind Theological Seminary

In this collection, Chilcote takes up John Wesley’s advice of praying the prayers of others  and so deftly recasts the writing of Methodist women of previous generations in to rich and expressive prayer forms to assist this present generation in finding their own voices in prayer. Georgia, Hester Ann, Isabella, Mary, and others here invite you to deepen your own encounter with the triune God and the life of faith!  Karen B Westerfield Tucker, Boston University

Fill my Heart with Love is available in Kindle, and paperback from your local bookstore, Eden, Amazon etc.

ISBN: 978-1666708141, 132pp, 2021, Cascade Books

Sheltering with the Psalms

30 Days of Prayer with Charles Wesley

In this thought-provoking devotional, Paul Chilcote invites readers to engage deeply the life-giving power of the living Word in the Book of Psalms, as arranged through the hymns of Charles Wesley.

The book is designed for individual or group use with engaging discussion questions. For those that are serious about cultivating holiness as a distinctive disposition of heart and life, the book will serve as a helpful guide for the journey.

Reviewers say:

Over the years I have hugely valued Paul’s writings. Here again, in an extremely timely way, he opens up prayerful space for the reader to be encountered with God. He does this in a way that is accessible, non-cliched and warm. This devotional use of the Psalms comes with my enthusiastic recommendation. Trevor Hudson, author of The Way of Transforming Discipleship and Divine Friendship

Paul Chilcote has woven together the threads of Scripture, tradition and current reality, offering us a tapestry for living well during challenging times. Given the world we find ourselves in, this book is one we will return to over and over. It is a means of grace to help us make it through the valleys dark as death. Steve Harper, author of Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition

Sheltering with the Psalms is available in Kindle, and paperback from your local bookstore, Eden, Amazon etc.

ISBN: 978-1955473019, 206pp, 2022, Aldersgate Publishing

About the Author

Paul W. Chilcote is an award-winning author and retired United Methodist minister and theological educator. A frequent speaker and workshop leader in applied Wesleyan studies, particularly in the areas of spirituality, worship, discipleship, and evangelism, he is the author of nearly thirty books, almost all of which are available on

He has been involved in theological education on three Continents, serving as a missionary, with his wife, Janet, in Kenya, at St. Paul’s United Theological College and as a founding faculty member of Africa University in Zimbabwe. He has taught as well at Asbury Theological Seminary, Ashland Theological Seminary, Duke Divinity School, and the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

He has particular interest in Wesleyan theology and spirituality, Christian discipleship and renewal, and women’s studies. He is past President of The Charles Wesley Society and the Academy for Evangelism. He also enjoys a special relationship with Mt. Angel Abbey in Oregon as a Benedictine Oblate.

With his wife, Janet, he has five daughters (Sandy, Rebekah, Anna, Mary, and Ruth) and six grandchildren (Alyssa, Collin, Levi, Isabella, Oliver, and Theo). Representing various nationalities including El Salvador, Kenya, Korea, and the United States, his family represents four continents.

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