Lost at Home – an interview with Anne Jordan

Lost at Home
by Anne Jordan

F:  Hi Anne, thanks for giving us your time. We’re here to talk about your book, but first, could you tell us a little about yourself?

A: I was born in Ripon North Yorkshire and moved to Leicester in 1978 after getting married.  I have three grandchildren and two foster grandchildren.   My pastimes include reading walking and castles!

I am a committed Christian and I attend Knighton free Church in Leicester.

I am now retired but I was a Skills for Life tutor, working mainly with adults with learning difficulties and or disabilities but also with people with literacy needs. I have also taught creative writing to adults recovering from mental health problems.

F: Thanks. It’s great to meet you. What was it that prompted you to write this book?

A: It was the television series A House through Time. In the series, David Olusoga tells the story of one house and the people who lived in it, from the time it was built until now.

I began to think what it would be like if someone who had lived in a house was to arrive in the same house but at a different time. Just supposing that was a child and it was now lost.

F: Sounds intriguing! What do you hope that people will get out of reading your book?

A: As this is a book for children I hope they will have an understanding of what it was like for a young child to be employed as a chimney sweep in Victorian times.

F: Yes, I see. If you could sum up the message of your book in one sentence, what would it be?

A: Escape from a Victorian Chimney Sweep Cellar!

F: Awesome!
And finally, if Hollywood were to come knocking on your door, which actors would you be hiring?

A: I have a heart for adults and children with learning difficulties so I would choose actors from this group of people.

F: Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your book with us, Anne.

Book info

Available in paperback exclusively from Amazon
ISBN-13‏: ‎979-8403182317, 179pp, 2021, indie-published
Signed copies available from: Anne Jordan (pm me on facebook)

From the Blurb

Ten year old Patti is looking forward to a final Christmas in her beloved Victorian home before it is demolished. But in the middle of decorating the tree she jumps at a rush of sound coming from the chimney. A cloud of soot engulfs her. It’s not only soot landing on her grandma’s best parlour rug, it is something else which will make her heart race…

By the same author

I began writing ten years ago. I wrote short stories with characters with learning difficulties in them.

I then wrote a YA novel, ‘Behind the Sea’.  The main character is a young man with a non specific learning disability.

My next published YA novel is ‘Snake Mouth’ and features a young girl with Tourette syndrome.

My latest book Lost at Home is a children’s fiction book. It is set in Victorian times when children were used as chimney sweeps.


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