Lent Devotions – 1

I asked the lovely folks at the Association of Christian Writers for their recommendations for Lent devotions. Here are some of their ideas, all available from your favourite Christian bookshop, Waterstones, Eden etc.

And, of course, I’m going to promote my own Lent books:

The Big Story

Trace the whole story of the Bible from Creation to Easter in bite-sized chunks, and see how it all hangs together in one grand story that leads to Jesus.

Each day, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Day, tells part of the story with a short reflection and prayer.

Broken Bits and Weirdness

Meet some of the Bible’s most dismal failures, in nine intergenerational studies including special features for Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Each session has a reflection, craft, cooking, outside activity and labyrinth.

The Wilderness Within You

by Penelope Wilcock

Jesus said that his burden was light, but it doesn’t always feel that way.For example, what does it mean to ‘take up your cross’? How figurative is the language Jesus is using? Or, ‘Those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.’ What does Jesus mean? Or, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.’ Does this mean unless I follow Jesus, I am cut adrift in this world, lost and without hope? But I cannot follow Jesus without being crucified.

Following Jesus does not seem as simple as preachers sometimes suggest. So Pen sets out into the wilderness to look for him. ‘I have one big question that almost hurts in my heart,’ she says, ‘because I care about the answer so much. I want to ask him, “Jesus, what do you think of me?”‘

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Treasure in Dark Places

by Liz Carter  (Author) and Caroline Gwilliam (Illustrator)

Life can hurt.

Sometimes we wonder where God is in the mess of it all, and can’t find any light amidst our shadows.

But shadows can’t exist without light. The Psalmists often wrote of their pain with raw honesty, yet discovered treasure in the very darkest places. This collection of poetry and short stories is filled with cries of deep sorrow and inexpressible joy, and re-imaginings of events from Scripture which point us to hope, even when we struggle to glimpse light on the horizon.

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Forty Women

by Ros Clarke

The first witnesses to the resurrection were not men, but women – and without women, the Easter story would not have happened at all.

These hidden voices of the Bible’s story are found through the Old Testament and the New Testament. In this daily Lent devotional for 2022, join Ros Clarke as she uncovers the women of the Bible who are essential to the Easter weekend. From Eve to the Shummamite, and from Deborah to Ruth, Forty Women will open your eyes to the power of the gospel.

Exploring a different character each day to take you from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, Forty Women is an uplifting and inspirational look at what we can learn from the different women of the Bible. Looking at their lives, triumphs and failures, Ros Clarke shows us how these women are examples of faith and warning against sin, whose seemingly ordinary lives connect with an extraordinary God.

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An Ocean of Grace

by Tim Chester

Reflect on Jesus in the run-up to Easter with this collection of daily devotions and prayers by great Christian writers from church history.
A collection of daily devotions and prayers by great Christian writers from throughout church history, including Augustine, Charles Spurgeon, John Bunyan, Catherine Parr, and Martin Luther.

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