Unboxing Video – Woo Hoo!

Very excited to get author copies of my latest book ‘So You’ve Finished Writing. Now What?’

Funny story: The day the books arrived (last Sat) I was due to be giving a little spiel at my local writer’s group. I was going to mention the new book, but was not expecting my author copies for a week or so.

Wanting something to show them, I spent the half-hour before the meeting printing out the front and back covers on my inkjet and then carefully glueing them together and folding them around a similar-sized book.

The result looked a bit naff on printer paper instead of nice glossy card, but I reckoned it would pass muster over Zoom.

Of course, the doorbell rang about half-an-hour into the meeting and I scuttled back to my screen clutching a reassuringly weighty box.

I had the cram my excitement down and listen politely to the speaker (very good, BTW, I’ll be featuring some of this books here shortly) until coffee-break time.

Then I grabbed my teenaged daughter and made a quick-and-dirty unboxing video (see below) during the break and had shiny, new copies ready for my show-and-tell. Phew!

Available in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon worldwide, and from Barnes & Noble etc and your favourite bricks-and-mortar store.



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