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Beyond the Children’s CornerCreating a Culture of Welcome for All Ages by Margaret Pritchard Houston If you have children in your church, used to have children in your church, want children in your church or are terrified of children in […]

by Katy Morgan Reviewed by Victoria Hutchinson At the age of 50, I don’t often find myself delighting so openly in a book aimed at children. But The Promise and the Light compels so gently and inspires so honestly, that […]

Big Mama Makes the World by Phyllis Root, Illus. Helen Oxenbury My children are all in double figures now, but when I was clearing out some of their baby books, this was one they would not part with. The large-format […]

[Reposted from The Reflectionary, my blog of church resources] I told myself I wasn’t going to write a Nativity this year – too much other stuff going on. And if this was going to be a book, it needed to […]