Free Sample of All-Age Resources for Holy Week

First published on The Reflectionary, Jan 19th 2021

We’re getting there! We nearly have a new (sane) president of the US, we’re vaccinating our vulnerable at a rate of more than 2 every second (bravo NHS!) and my new Lent book, Broken Bits & Weirdness (But God Still Loves Us) is almost ready for publication (yay!)
[UPDATE – published Jan 2020]

Here is a sample chapter in pre-publication state so that you can ‘try before you buy’ as they say. A clickable link to a  free 12-page PDF is below.

This sample study looks at Peter and the events of Holy Week, but you could use it at any time of year. The other chapters are Naaman, David, Ruth, Jonah, Cyrus and Martha (undated, use any week), plus the second thief for Good Friday and Thomas for Easter Day.

All of the chapters have the same format and the same range of resources, so there is enough for  daily devotions, or you can select the activities for weekly groups. 

There is something for the sporty, arty, bookish, thoughtful, outdoorsy, toddlers, wrinklies, bored teens, busy grown-ups and anyone else I have not mentioned. The pages are large format (US letter size, approx A4) so that you can access the colouring pages and labyrinths easily. The typeface is large and clear to facilitate reading.

This is a great resource for youth groups, family devotions, sermon series, Bible study groups and Messy Church. The colouring pages are photocopiable,  and if you buy the Kindle version, you will get a link to download the pages to print at home if you want.

Click link to download your free sample.

Broken Bits and Weirdness sample chapter <– click here

Alternatively …

And if you fancy something different, how about The Big Story. This best-selling Lent study book traces the whole Bible as one connected story from Genesis to Easter.

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