A Bucketful of Ideas for Church Drama

12 Skits, Sketches and puppet shows for Schools, Churches and Family Fun

Published 27 Sept 2017

The first book of sketches from The Reflectionary, gathering the best material of the last couple of years, all in one handy place. Featuring the poignant monologue A Bad Friday and the raucous fun of 30 Pieces of Chocolate plus other sketches for Christmas, Easter, Harvest and all the times between, this is a perfect resource for Christian drama.

Available in:


  • Scripts
    • Elijah and the Ravens (or are they parrots in disguise?)
    • Very Important People (Jesus and the little children)
    • Snuffles and the Big Bad Cat (the good Samaritan)
    • Two Men Praying (the tax collector and the Pharisee)
    • Nasty Zac and the Cake-Fest
    • A Real Christian
    • A Bad Friday (poignant monologue on Good Friday)
    • Time Travel TV (Palm Sunday to Easter for puppets)
    • 30 Pieces of Chocolate (fun for Easter Sunday
    • Harvest from the Stars
    • NaTVT 4 U (the Christmas story in TXTSPK)
    • Bold, Frankenstein and Mmmm-errr
  • Using Drama in (and out of ) Church
  • Puppet Theatres

Click here for a sample from Elijah and the Ravens. Elijah sketch sample.

Drama isn’t just for kids. We take a sideways look at our grown-up busyness with the gameshow ‘Real Christian’, and perhaps in the laughter we can find a truth.

Limited resources? No problem. Based on many years’ experience with drama and puppetry for schools, churches and community groups, these scripts are immensely practical to suit your room, rehearsals and recruits.

Each script has suggestions for characters and props, and the hands-on hints for staging make drama a ‘can-do’ option, so you can concentrate on the message.

To complete the package, the final chapters outline methods for working with puppets and give pointers for using drama outdoors.  There are lots of ideas for constructing your own puppet theatre, with designs from small, roll-away up versions to folding, semi-permanent ones.

This is the first in the ‘A Bucketful of Ideas’ series. It is based on the international blog of church resources, The Reflectionary, written by Fay Rowland – lecturer, writer and, as it so happens, puppeteer.

Ever wondered what you need to be a *Real* Christian?
Click the ‘Buy’ button, and find out …

From the Blurb:

Do you want drama without the, well, drama?

Need something awesome for all-age worship, sketches for schools or just want to bring a well-known Bible story alive with the smack-between-the-eyes relevance it got from Jesus?

“Parables as Jesus would have told them – witty, punchy and thought-provoking.” Christmas and Easter? Sorted.

Some quiet and meditative, some a-pun-a-minute – there’s a script for every occasion. Meet Elijah’s ravens on holiday. Meet texting angels. Meet the Big Bad Cat. Then slow down and relive Good Friday through the eyes of one who was there – “Jesus, remember me.”

Using puppets to express our doubts and confusions is a great way to address the unasked questions. A grandma confessed after one puppet show that she had never understood that Bible story, until now – Click!

Reviewers say:

“A Bucketful of Ideas – ideas to educate, entertain and evangelise.”

“The whole book covers a good range of topics, themes, and styles; together a great variety.”

“The scripts are funny, punny, expository and engaging.”

“Creativity in this book in not just in the directions and dialogues it’s in the accessible pragmatism as well.”