Walking to Bethlehem

Published 28 Oct 2019

25 imaginative devotions for adults and children.

Advent devotions for all the family. Available in large-format paperback (with photocopiable colouring pages) exclusively from Amazon.

Available in:

  • Paperback from Amazon UK.
  • Paperback from Amazon US.
  • And your local Amazon / Amazon Smile.

Amazon #1 bestseller!

Very please to report that Walking to Bethlehem shot straight to the #1 spot in Christian Youth Ministry and peaked at #1,519 in the whole of Amazon UK!  Slightly gob-smacked to say the least!

This remains my most popular book, selling consistently even during the summer (not sure why, but not complaining).

Here’s a sample of each day’s double spread:

From the Blurb:

Ever wondered what Mary thought of those weird gifts?
Want an Advent calendar filled with more than chocolate?

Immerse yourself in he action of the world’s most famous birthday with creative devotions by this #1 bestselling Christian author.

Packed with great ideas, including craft, music and artwork, for everyone form tots to wrinklies.

Join the journey to Bethlehem, and meet the child who changes everything.

Reviewers say:

“In the style of C.S. Lewis and Max Lucado, this devotional and practical Advent Calendar will help you ponder the promise and ask the questions. Fun, festive and frank, this is a journey you are invited along.”

“Travel from BD to AD with seeing, hearing and doing to focus your mind on the road to Bethlehem. Fun and devotional, practical and creative.”

“You have made the trek before, but not in this way. Travel at your own pace, ponder, reflect and create, as you rediscover the walk to Bethlehem.”